A New Way To Look At Time

Born to Age   •   March 8, 2016

By Steven Campbell

There are two ways to look at time:

  1. The way most of us see it.
  2. A way that can change our lives.

Most of us see time as seconds ticking away; one moment after another.

Here’s the problem:

We end up playing a shell game of procrastination, where the promise of the future quells the anxiety of the present.

We then say, “I can always do this in the future.”

A way that can change our lives.
However, there is another way to look at time, summarized in one admonition: “Do it while you can.” Which is when? Right now!

There is no abstraction here – only the time that has been given to us. Every moment can be a moment when we make a decision to act.

Think of this, dear reader! When did your old life end?

About a second ago!

And when when did your new life begin?

About a second ago.

Now…do the math.

If there are 60 seconds per minute, and 60 minutes per hour, and 24 hours in a day; in one 24-hour day, you have 86,400 new lives made available to you…every single day!

So you get to begin your brand new life today
…86,400 times!


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