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Advertise in our Kiosks

Our beautiful Born To Age Senior Information kiosks provide eye-catching information on what’s available in the local community to help seniors.  They are strategically placed in medical buildings, senior center, nursing homes, pharmacies, churches, mobile home parks, apartment buildings . . . and we have 120 locations throughout the Bay Area!

Don’t worry about stocking . . . we do that! We put your brochures in the kiosks every month, and let you know how things are moving along. We charge as low as $99 a month for each 25 kiosks . . . that is the best Advertising deal in the Bay Area.

What we need from you is 500 brochures (or rack cards), a signed contract and your credit card number.

Please send your brochures to: Born To Age, 5975 Locust Avenue, Cotati, CA 94931, and we’ll take it from there!

Need a kiosk in your office or lobby, we’ll be happy to oblige. We provide them at no cost and your business can be a Senior Information Center for the community.

Are vendor brochures cluttering up your lobby?
Request a Kiosk for your location.
Call us at: 707-652-9966 today!